Student Success: Yuba City Unified School District provides a rigorous and comprehensive program to ensure success for all students as they transition to graduation and beyond.

Student Support: Yuba City Unified School District provides safe, modernized, and student centered support systems that promote the physical and cognitive development of our students.

Staff Success: Yuba City Unified School District attracts and develops top quality professionals focused on student success.

Communication and Outreach: Yuba City Unified School District provides continuous methods of communication that sustain an ongoing connection with and involvement of the public with a clear focus on improving student achievement.



As the Board discusses agenda items, audience participation is permitted. The President will recognize those members of the audience who wish to speak. The President may set a time limit on each person's remarks, if necessary. Each person wishing to speak will be asked to identify himself prior to speaking. Generally, the President will ask Board members for their remarks prior to recognizing requests to speak from the audience. At the President's discretion, agenda items may be considered in other than numerical order.

Anyone who is planning to attend the Board meeting and is visually or hearing impaired or has any disability that needs special assistance should call the Superintendent's Office at 822-7600 or 822-7601 at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to make arrangements.




YCUSD Governing Board Documents

YCUSD Governing Board Documents
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