High School Course Catalog

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CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE): 3-D Animation, Adv Microsoft Office, Advanced Digital Photo, Ag Earth/Physical Science, Ag and Natural Resources, Ag Biology, Ag Science 1, Ag Science 2, Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Science, Applied Adv Photo, Applied Photo, Architectural Design, Architecture 1, Auto Body Refinishing, Auto Collision Repair, Auto Mechanics, Automotive Diag & Tune up, Automotive Technology, Beginning Photo, Business Accounting, Business Math, Careers in Retail/Finance, Child Development and Guidance, Communications and New Media, Computer Applications,  Computer Assisted Drafting, Computer Fundamentals, Construction Management, Culinary Arts, Cybersecurity: ICT Essentials, Decorative Arts, Early Childhood Careers, Electronics 1, Electronics 2, Exploring Computer Science, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Production, Floral Design, Greenhouse/Plant Science, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts, Introduction to Computer Science (PLTW),  Introduction to Engineering Design, Law Enforcement 1/2, Life Management 1, Life Management 2, Mechanical Drawing, Medical Biology, Nutritional Science, Principles of Engineering, Small Business Ownership, Small Engine Repair, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Sports Medicine, Support Medical Services, Web Page Design, Welding 1, Welding 2, Work Experience

ENGLISH/ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT (ELD):  Advanced Honors English 12, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, ELD Content 1/2/3/4, ELD 1 Grammar 1/2/3/4, ELD Reading 1/2/3/4, ELD Writing 1/2/3/4,  Career English, English 9 A/B/C, English 10 A/B/C, English 11 A/B/C, English 12 A/B/C,  English 12C Multicultural Myths and Legends, CSU Expository Reading and Writing, Film as Literature, Public Speaking, School Newspaper Publishing

FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  AP French Language and Culture, Ap German Language and Culture, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, French 1, French 2, French 3, French 3(H), German 1, German 2, German 3, German 3(H), German 4, Intermediate Spanish 2, Punjabi 1, Punjabi 2, Punjabi 3, Punjabi 3(H), Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 3(H)

HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCE:  American Government, American History and Film, AP American Government and Politics,  AP European History, AP Human Geography, AP Macroeconomics, AP United States History, AP World History, Economics, History of Mexico, History of Religion, Honors American Government, Honors Economics, Personal Psychology, Social Psycology, US History, World Geography, World History

MATHEMATICS:  Advanced Geometry, Algebra 2/2C, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, Foundational Math Elective, Geometry,  Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, Integrated Math 3, Introduction to Integrated, Math Support, Mathematics and Music, Pre-Calculus(H), Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Advanced Basketball, Aerobics and Nutrition, Baseball, Beginning Basketball, Dance, Football, Gymnastics and Fitness, Intermediate Basketball, PE Course 1, PE Course 2, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Weight Training

SCIENCE:  AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 1, Biology, Biology 2, Biology 2(H), Chemistry, Music Science and Technology, Chemistry in the Community, Forensic Science CSI, Honors Chemistry, Integrated Physical Science, Music Science and Technology, Physics, The Human Body:Applied Biology

STUDENT PROGRAMS:  ASB Leadership, AVID, Avid Seminar, AVID Tutoring, Career Choices, Driver’s Education, Link Crew, Strategies for Success, Student Leadership, Student Peer Tutor

VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS: Advanced Ceramics, AP Art History, AP Studio Art: 2-D, AP Studio Art: Drawing, AP Studio Art: Photography, Art Discovery, Art History, Beginning Art, Beginning Guitar, Ceramics, Concert Choir, Concert/Marching Band, Digital Art and Media, Drama 1, Drama 2/3/4, Drawing, Intermediate 3-DArt, Intermediate Art, Intermediate Drawing, Introduction to  Animation, Media 1, Media 2, Mixed Choir, Music Theory, String Orchestra, Three Dimensional Art, Visual Communication